Video Shoot With 3 of Infinity


Yes I’m well aware of the photo being crappy this time, but that’s not the point of this blog. Today’s blog is about how me and the boys reunited again to shoot two news songs that are being remastered.

Andrew The Lead Singer

Andrew The Lead Singer

Eli on the Bass

Eli on the Bass

Rylan on the Drums

Rylan on the Drums

They will be remastering two songs called Straight Mucked (which is my favorite) and Pass Out from Blackouts. I stepped back a bit so they can do their thing and act natural, but as always we BS the whole time lol. W always seem to click just fine when were together. Course we get stuff done otherwise non of this would be happening. The moment I heard them play Straight Mucked though i was jammin that’s why when you see me with drummer you’ll see camera go up and down. Then there’s a huge pauses and the camera hops yeahhhh that’s me hopping. When we heard the playback all you saw was me head banging then at the final part I made a woooo response cause well that’s automatic for me. Then Eli just staright lost it and said WAIT PUT THAT ON THE TRACK!!!! So we all went from each corner of the the room and added that response to the track and it made the track a whole lot better :)

Patiently waiting to tap on symbol

Patiently waiting to tap on symbol

When they started playing Pass Out from Blackouts I was thought to myself oh boy what’s going to happen. Cause when you hear the title it sounds sketchy. Then I heard Andrew play calm and then it gets real quiet and Rylan doing a little tap on the drums symbol.

I was shocked cause it’s actually a ballad. I thought it was vibing then I saw Eli having trouble on the guitar (yes he plays guitar too). He has a solo in the end which sounded amazing, but to him, it wasn’t right. So we waited for literally an hour until they got it right. I respect that though because Eli may fool around and be quiet and all, but he’s actually a chill intelligent guy who just wants it right.

Two Hours Later

Two Hours Later

Lastly before the night ended there was a part where Andrew’s little brother played the Kazoo is that how you spell it? On one of the parts in Pass Out from Blackouts which was actually pretty cool to watch.

Daniel on the Kazoo

Daniel on the Kazoo

Once we were done recording we got to listen to both tracks being which is always so cool to hear back once the night is done. It was awesome shooting with these guys again and can’t wait to edit there two videos :)

What's Been Going On?


This photo is so intense totally just realized it, but hey whats up everyone it’s been awhile I know since my last blog woah July wayyyy of my game. Today’s blog is going to be a game of catch up of what’s been going on :). This photo you see here is a photo of my first day of going full time as a film maker and photographer. August 1st to be exact where I shot Royal Honey at the Jergels.

Was it scary quitting my day job? Of course it was, but I had to leave because one I couldn’t take being held back anymore, two clients were coming in, and three I just hated the job. I hated the JOB which is something we get mixed up in very easily. We forget that jobs are meant to be temporary, but what’s meant to be for a longer time period is a career. Which now I ‘m finally pursuing after all the years of hard work.

So whats been going on these past 2 months? Well let me show you :)

I’ve shot 3 short films which are Pick Up, Nature, and Home?

pick up OFFICAL POST.jpg
Nature youtube thumbnail.jpg

Shot 2 music videos one with The High Level called blackout and one tomorrow actually with Rkham called Rapsheet which I’ll explain in a bit. I also have another scheduled for October 25-26th

COVER ART_1.2.2.jpg

Shot 5 recap videos for a 724 Comp Album Release Party, Skarlett Sky, Working Breed, Identity X, & Fubar. Currently I am working on another one I shot two days ago for Dominique Murray’s event called Splatter Me Crazy, which was an awesome experience !!!


I also got to shoot for a indie Survivor Show in Pittsburgh which was pretty intense may I add, but unfortunately I’m unable (not aloud) to show any images of the show.

A lot of major opportunities have been coming up lately and so much more are to come especially tomorrow. I’ll be shooting a hip hop video called Rapsheet by a hip hop artist from Illinois. The song is about how typical rapers are given more respect then lyricist. In a way he’s right because I see this numerous times where artist who barely try make it and those who do try don’t. Am I against them no, but it’s something I have noticed. We plan on shooting in an abandoned gym which you may think why, but you’d be surprised on how much you can do with abandoned areas.

I’m so honored on be given these opportunities and more to come too :) 2018 was the search, 2019 was the discovery, and 2020 will be the REAL DEAL!!!!

Stay tune for more updates and yes I’ll be keeping up to date this time :3





It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog I know, but guess who’s back?? This guy!!! As you noticed you see a First Angel Media logo on the bottom right. If wondering why it is because recently I’ve formed a partnership with them by being their concert photographer and Cinematographer. I’m very blessed I’ve met them and honestly they’ve helped me through a lot this year! This blog isn’t about First Angel Media though I just wanted to thank them for helping me become more established by being my mentor especially Jana Lee Macheca who found me.

Recently they sent me to Dueschtown Music Festival where I got to shoot for two awesome musicians which are Hunnycomb and Abstract theory



Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory

First off let me just say parking was just crazy ! Just another normal day in Pittsburgh though ! As I arrived I yelled out the lead singers name and she yelled mine back. I thought it was cool that she knew my name, then I realized wait we were talking before this show that’s why! Show’s ya ho excited I get sometimes, it’s a curse :) . Once They started I already knew I was in for a treat because of the way the lead singer started dancing while playing the piano like she was Little Richard.



Honestly though there were times where I almost forgot to take photo’s because I was to into the music they were playing. Don’t worry though I snapped out of it and got some awesome photos for Hunnycomb. Once they were done I had to zoom out to meet abstract theory to do there photos! I got to talk with the bassist of Hunnycomb for a bit though who is an easy going guy by the way.

I met up with Abstract Theory at the Government Center where they were suppose to perform on the inside. Unfortunately due to some type of difficulty they had to perform outside. The bright side though it was a nice day outside instead of raining like how it’s been these past couple of weeks. These guys are down to earth people man in person, but once they performed I was like blown away by there profession

Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory

Abstract Theory

They’ve only been together for about a year and a half and already opened for artists over seas. They also got to open For KRS- ONE! For all ho don’t know him lets just say he’s a huge deal. Which is pretty impressive for them to open and tour that far for the amount of time they’ve been together. These three guys are that good and I was amazed by how they attracted the amount of people with their upbeat energy. I found it hilarious how some cars even drove by slowly taking videos of them performing.

This event was filled with many artist who had such great talent and can’t wait to see more that hides behind the scenes


Make sure to follow Hunnycomb and Abstract Theory

Photoshoot with Abby & Lorna


These two were a fantastic team to work with, full of fun and enjoyed their positive vibes. We began at Linn run going for a hike to spot some amazing spots to shoot. It was a hike and even though they huffed and puffed the pulled threw. The first image you see you may notice a bit of brown on the bottom left corner. The reason for that was because I wanted to try out a technique of creating a natural gradient by applying a leaf on the lens. Funny story though on one of these shots I actually took the shot while falling and almost busting my hand again. Turned out great though which was totally luck people I bet you wouldn’t have known till I told you.


 The beauty about this was about Lorna's great input on the posing for the shoot. As I've said before I like to guide, but I give minor input to help make more natural. I communicate, but also love working with the models. We collaborated with one another making these beautiful photos that you see. 


At the end we had to go all the way to the top where you can see the whole forest. Which to me was pretty sketchy since the roads went from smooth to Rocky. Immediately in my mind I was thinking , " wow didn't think it would be this rough go up." At the end though it was a pretty because it helped messenger a new location. Thanks to Abby suggesting this spot I now know this spot exists. 


The best part of it was the appreciation and the positivity these two had in the shoot. We're they professional of course, but they also had fun with it as you can see in many of the photos Abby kept laughing. Which was fine to me because the more comfortable you are the better you'll do in the photos. Can't wait to work with these two more and expect great things from them. 


Photo Shoot with Samantha Luster


This time was a bit more different then usual actually it was a last minute theme change to be honest with everyone! We decided to do a retro theme in a random town I never knew existed. As soon as I drove up I saw all these random old looking buildings making me feel like I went back time, like I said it was very retro. She then showed me her outfit and I was immediately knew what was going on, like I said it was a last minute change, but this time it was the model that chose the location and outfit I guess you could say. I don’t mind a challenge though , it was just a different approach if you noticed by looking at my past portraits.

We first started at a little cafe called Market Place Pastries where which is a cute little place in Blairsville with awesome cupcakes if you would like to go to a retro spot! This was also so cool about how the first two letters of the shirt matched with the can, plus how the warmth of the sun came in making her skin tone glow.


The one thing I loved about this black and white photo was how the focus was on her face that was lit up and the shadows were a bit blurred making it look more like she was in motion. Plus I just loved the red so much I’m so happy she chose this color makes the imagery pop so much! Also I loved how the glasses and the wrist band match so well and the one white bead matches with the white on her shirt. If you all don’t notice matching colors yeah its a thing!


Right after this location we then saw a laundromat that we thought was pretty cool to do a shoot at. Which the thing is about this place was that the walls where very dull and creamy. The beauty about that was that well the lighting that we had bounced off the walls and made her skin tone look more retro making the images come out more like how the color schemes of photos were back then in the 50’s.


After we went down the street toward the green bridge where we did a couple of leaning on the bridge shots, until all of a sudden we saw a red camaro, she then joked about it and well if ya’ll don;t know I take chances a lot. So we immediately went over and asked him if we could do a photo shoot with his car, and the elder said yes. So yeah we got to do a photo in front of the car!


We then went back into town where around the time we were there traffic is a bit slow so we got to do a shot in the middle of the street. I wanted her to have a care free type of feel to contrast with the danger being in being in the center of the road, which don’t try this unless your a professional.


She then saw this window by the street we were at and she wanted to do a flirty type of personality waiting for the person at the window. Which some photographers have an issues with he model pitching ideas, which to me it’s pretty cool because it shows team work.


I then saw this bell looking pavilion and came u with a crazy idea about her holding on to a bar to make it look like she floating, which she was a trooper to do!


We then ended the shoot with this door we found which I wanted her to do a simple lean and joyful type of imagery to the camera. The whole shot was just about being playful, carefree, and old fashion just like how we use to be back then. We use to be this way till times changed you know? This was an awesome photo shoot and can’t wait for next weekends photo shoot.


Photo Shoot with Hannah

_DSC0076 2.jpg

This was an awesome photo shoot with Hannah she is a very strong independent single mom who has a lot of confidence within herself. As soon as she arrived I was quite amazed by the amount of clothes she brought with her to change. She was set and ready to go and was willing to even go in the water in other words she was very versatile. Me and her then immediately went for the hikes and did some epic shots!!!


This photo right here actually took without her even noticing, you may wonder why did I do this. The reason why is because I like to capture natural beauty without there having to create it if that makes sense. In other words I like to capture the beauty in people without it being staged because true beauty doesn’t always have to be created, it also can be automatic at least that’s how I see the world. This was just a shot of her undoing her braids which I thought was quite interesting especially how the arms framed her face. As you can see though this young woman is a natural even though she may not consider herself one, in my eyes she’s a natural.


The point of this shoot was to capture the strength within her and to show she is a powerful young woman. As everyone else does she too had a struggle growing up which I will not speak of, but now she feels confidence with herself again and these photo’s prove those exact traits.


We also had a rough day with the sun hiding so much, even though it wasn’t a problem we still wanted at least one shot with the sun! We then saw the sun come out at this exact second and then we took this shot. It was pretty funny actually, but as you can see we managed pretty well without the sun coming out.


This last image I loved because of her shirt being centered saying, “ be your own beautiful.” It meant a lot and was basically the concept of this shoot. She was quite a trooper today and can’t wait to wok with her again and take our shoots to the next level.

_DSC0014 2.jpg

Music Video Shoot Day 2 with 3 of Infinity


This was the 2nd day of the video shoot with 3 of infinity where we shot for their music video for their song called Keep Sin. This time it was a bit more easier then the last location where we didn’t have to carry the equipment up 4 floors. As a matter of fact it was even better shooting here, like they say everything happens for a reason. As soon as we got the place organized we immediately started with the video and continued from the very beginning.


The beauty about this place was that the owner allowed us to fully customize it, so when it was time for us to shoot on the stage it became a gem, because it was fully customized to what we visioned the stage to look like. Especially with the red lights in the dark that made the imagery even better!


Which I can wait for everyone to see how the video ends it will blow you away and possibly make you fall off your seat laughing. The parts that I love the most about these shoots is how the parents and their partners support their kids here. Theirs nothing better to help you feel more confident then your parents and partners support, at least that’s what I believe.


Today will be the first day where I start editing their first official music video to show them how amazing it looks so far. Then we shall shoot one last time this weekend to shoot little pieces for the video.

Make sure to watch their unofficial video which is a studio version below of the song where the song was created!

Photo shoot with Adrienne at Linn Runn


It was a nice day in Ligonier until…. the traffic piled up, but not to worry I arrived just in time with two energy drinks and set to go! Believe it or not though after the big hike the energy drink didn’t effect me much in the beginning. As soon as we came to this cliff you see right here Adrienne was set to go and dramatically started to pose which was awesome. I gave some guidance, but I believe in less guidance reason why is because it seems more natural to capture a person in their personal state rather then just creating an ideal type of image. I like this photo here because it reflected her personality which to me defines fearless.


Adrienne was a special type of model, the reason why I say this is because she also understand photography as well and came across many locations and we pretty much collaborated together in our styles. She also didn’t m ind getting dirty on the ground or climbing which i thought was refreshing aka she was a trooper. I love this image the most because of the sun capturing her eye in the right moment and how the ground harmonized beautifully with her hair.


Adrienne also loved this specific location because of their being a lot of trees, for all that don;t know Adrienne if theirs one thing you need to know she loves and I mean loves nature. This image I love in this set because of of the sun coming out the leaves and the drama upon her face signifying independence. I tried my best to create powerful images with all the photos I believe it is because the more she kept telling me about herself the more I started to reflect it in the photos. Which is why I like to give less guidance because I believe in capturing a model’s natural state.


I love how the portraits turned out and can’t wait for the spring to come so that the cold won’t be in the way. Even though it wasn’t to cold in this shoot, but just saying I just love how the sun enhances the photos.

Photo shoot with Lucas Weltz at the Major Stokes


Lucas Weltz is a very welcoming and talented young guy who will get you on the floor rolling once you see him perform. Actually I remember him talking about this location from the last photo shoot we did here about him performing here. For people who don’t know the a Major Stokes it’s a cute little chill cafe where you can hear some great music and have a delicious meal too. I smelt someone’s meal and just had to have a bite of my own, sorry I got side tracked this is about Lucas not the food. This was actually my first time seeing him perform and I was amazed from his style of music.


Lucas Welts went from Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers to Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. I just about lost it when he sand those songs. Lucas Weltz as you can see in the photos he gives a in deep thought type of play. When I say that it’s like he becomes one with the music and it’s almost like he’s dreaming. I thought it was beautiful to see because it shows he loves what he does and through that love makes me want to hear more. Course he adds a bit of jokes to grab your attention because he’s also a comedian. I also love how he interacts with the audience one on one even when he’s performing because it shows he has interest to his listeners. I also appreciate him shouting me out for taking his photos he didn’t have to do that and that meant a lot to me! This was an awesome time taking photos of hi performing and can’t for the next time to shoot and listen to his soulful voice.