My First Wedding shoot


I did it everyone haha as you all know i mainly do music videos, but was offered to work with a photographer to shoot a wedding so I thought why not? This is my story on my first wedding shoot :)

So as I was driving I noticed that it was raining and I thought to myself oh no the wedding… but hey it’s on the inside so it should be okay. As I arrived early I decided to do some slomo shots of the hotel where they were getting ready. So when we got there we saw the wife first because the husband was late. He and the groomsmen had to pick up an item for the ceremony. The wife and all the girls were such amazing people and lovely. The makeup artist was doing all of their makeup so that each person could be set for the wedding, which I never knew how much is applied, but it was a lot. Then she introduced us to her two daughters which one had a disability so she eats through a tube and can’t speak but the mother raised her to be strong. So that girl was a very strong young one, but she also had manors and was polite bless her heart.


So then Jennifer (the photographer) was showing me how she usually starts the wedding so we took some shots of the dresses hanging up and then shots of the items of rings and flowers.

Then we got a text from the husband saying he was here, and we had to go up there. In my mind, I was just hungry because of the smell of food they ordered lol. So as we arrived at the husband’s room it was a treat haha, the husband was super cool, but his boys oh was a whole nother level especially the one dude who was always silly and bold and when I say bold I mean BOLD! So they were getting prepared to get dressed than all of a sudden I heard a little boy cry it was his youngest son lol then his 10-year-old son came right behind him who very kind and loved to dance. So I filmed his suit and shoes etc, then we had to leave for them to get dressed.


So we went downstairs to video the wife Jessica getting her makeup applied on her. As she turned around I put down my camera and said she looked lovely. She then was upset cause well as the makeup artist left she told me she doesn’t like a lot of makeup on. She then was calm cause we looked out the window and saw the sun was coming out and it wasn’t raining anymore which was awesome! So then I went back upstairs to check on the guys and boom lol they were done then I told the husband Michael ohhhhh look at you looking like Rick Ross haha he just laughed. So I videoed him putting on cuffs tie jacket and brushing his waves which is what he wanted to cause that was his thing.


After this, I went downstairs to the brides and well they were panicking cause it was 2 pm and the ceremony started at 3 so she hurried to put on her dress. Then she asked us if her hair looks nice? Do I look pretty are the boys done they alwaysssss take so long. So me being calm I told her that everything will be alright I believe it'll work out then I sat her down and gave her the mic to tell her story on how they then she cried telling it, which is great because it’ll give the video more emotion once I apply it to the video so that it’ll be a memory to never forget. To me, that's how you know when someone truly loves you, which is when you or your partner cries telling how you met. So after that I packed up my stuff hoped in the car with Jennifer and we drove to the park for them to do a first look which I didn’t know was a thing.


I didn’t know how to film it but again Jennifer was my teacher for the day. So as he turned around to look at her I saw it between them. What I saw was that they are in love with each other but ther’re also each other best friend the best love to have. As you can tell by reading this I love seeing love just makes me feel hope that it exists ya know? It’s hard to find that these days and age speaking of finding, how they met is a funny story, but let’s continue. So we did shoots of them then the bridesmaids than the groomsmen. The one guy once again was silly he asked so do we step to the left, step back, every little step I take? Then they sang the song called every little step by bobby brown and I lost it lol. Then we did shoots with the kids and etc.


So then we go to the location where the ceremony will be taken place and the wife was upset because well her eyelashes were falling off and all you hear is the boys next door being silly. So the owner of the event contacted the makeup artist about the complaint the wife is giving about the makeup and the lashes. So someone in the ceremony came in saying she was licensed and gave her eyelashes and boy was she happy but still, hated her make up. Then I told Jessica thank you for this opportunity cause they were my first wedding shoot. Then she responded, “oh your very welcome I know were probably your first and craziest one, but your gonna be great and I like that you're very personal.” So I went to the guy’s room and here you see is me panning and boom them posing with glasses in there hand I just died lol.


Then I went down the hall and went through the doors and I was like wowed because it was so pretty. I think people looked at me funny cause of my reaction, but what people don't get is well thi is actually my first wedding too so I’ve never even been to a wedding haha. I guess I'm emotional when it comes to this as you can see in my videos I express a lot on what the subject is trying to give Anyways so I paned the room and table fliers and the cake which I will say was delicious! Then it was time for the ceremony to start. They played the music the husband was pumped shaking his shoulders and here she comes. I was amazed by how they did it with the music on cue and everything just like in the films.


So then I got her the flower girl, the ring carrier, the youngest son holding I only came here for the food sign lol, and the maids and the fellas then they exchanged vows. The energy in the room was overflowing with happiness and joy, I've never seen a family so strong and so loving. It was like all the energy went to their hands as they put there rings on. Now when a family has your back for your marriage you got a good thing coming to you. Then they did there kiss and set on the thrown yes a thrown.


Then they cut there cake and did there first dance which I love how I got a close up of him looking down at her. The whole a true man will always hold his woman close and make her feel protected type of deal. (Mad respect from me)


So then the bridesmaids and groomsmen did speeches about the marriage which were touching. So then after that, we did some shots of everyone dancing which I do music videos so I went all out on that lol. Then the youngest son was trying to floss with his big brother haha. I was like go go go go !!! Then we did shots of then we'll thru wanted to do shoots of them all knifing beer cans and chugging it.

Then the father asked me to do one-shot that he always does with his sons. Which is a special handshake after a good day, so touched by that man love seeing that cause well I grew up without a dad. I just love seeing that ya know so it hit me.


So then we'll I basically got everything and the night was over and I was like soooooo it's 9 pm? HOLY CRAP ITS 9PM!!! Then we left and Jennifer was like soooooo what u think I was like.....

What you see in the film is not what really goes on, she was like ohhhhh nooooo it can get crazy, but I liked it. I will charge a lot, next time though, but this was my first and I was basically shadowing her to understand how it works. It’s totally different from music videos, but now I have the opportunity to tell a love story. I think imma narrate a bit about family because stuff like that gets me which is probably why I was personal with them. To me though each client you meet isn't just a client there a person and just like every person they become a part of you. They may not be blood, but they are apart of you and that right there makes them Family

That's what I believe and then I drove back got some nuggets and drove home! That my story of my first wedding people. I can’t wait to edit this and see how this turns out :)