Music Video Shoot with The Anxious Hearts

The Anxious Hearts_1.1.1.jpg

Back in the film again, but this time with a new fresh awesome band called The Anxious Hearts. The name of the song is called insomniacs where a young fellow plays videos all night, chugs energy drinks just to make it through the day, and not knowing what's real and what's not due to overload of gaming, and before you know it... it's the next day, but this time he decided to skip his 9 to 5.

Funny story actually so I heard the song right and I wondered what inspired them to write this song. It's actually believed it or not based on a true story and written by the lead singer himself because well he actually does this all the time. So it's Day 1 of the shoot right so here I am driving to this little town to a Jiu Jutsu Academy. I walked in and there I met the writer of this song named Josh who is also the one singing this song. He then explained to me what we were going to do here and we set the gear up. We had a bit of a hiccup due to some of the extra's, but we made it work.

Once the extra's arrived Josh then introduced me to his classmates since he actually goes to this academy, like I said based on a true story. We then joked around a bit waiting for the instructor to arrive which was cool because I got to know more and more about them. We went deep to talking about films, especially Gemini Man which I heard about it bombing but never knew why. Then they explained to me it was because the creator wanted to use a different type of frame rate which was above 120. For my camera people reading this, you probably cringed the moment I said above 120 fps for a new film. Yeah now I totally get it because I would have walked out to because that is too much, I'm not even a fan of the blue ray. Okay, now we’re going off-topic of what happened these past two days. Then the instructor came with his little daughter and we got to film. Which was funny because there were certain shots where his daughter would pop out of nowhere.

The daughter accidentally popping in front of camera NO THIS WILL NOT BE IN MUSIC VIDEO LOL

The daughter accidentally popping in front of camera NO THIS WILL NOT BE IN MUSIC VIDEO LOL

In this location the concept was to have the main character is stumbling into class and the instructor is disappointed in him and goes WWE on him. We had to slam him down a couple of times just to get some good shots from different angles. After a while, you could see we were having to much fun. It was a simple scene of course, but we had to do numerous shots just to get it just right!


After this location, Josh then leads me to his home for us to do the morning and night scene. It was a bit tight, but the whole concept of this scene was to make him look like a gamer staying up all night so we had to place a light outside of the window to make it look like the sun is rising in the window. Then for the night, we place a black blanket on the outside of the window to make it look like night. Before we started though he was telling me about his VR game and what it is like. So place it on my head and it was just trippy. Now I see why people get dizzy in a VR game because it feels like your actually moving. It was funny because I almost hit his face. It was a good shoot though on that day, but then that was it for day one.

On day 2 we did a Uber scene of the main character going to work but is tired as hell and unable to even keep his eyes open and falls asleep. The Uber driver then wakes him up saying that he arrived at his location. The next location was at there recording studio where the lead singer plays as a mixer mixing some music but is slacking off watching gameplays. He then looks at the door and sees a unicorn, then he rubs his eyes and sees it's really his boss telling him to get back to work. The reason for this was because of his lack of sleep and chugging a bunch of energy drinks which you'll see him grabbing a bunch of energy drinks and getting slapped by a magical creature. You may be wondering as you read this and notice there is a bunch of random creatures popping in this video. The reason for this is because in reality all of this is a dream because he fell asleep at work.

Once he wakes up though he then realizes it's time to go back home, and he hops in a Uber going back home. Once he gets back home he gets on his VR gaming and plays all night all over again. Then once the sun comes up he then realizes it's the next and decided to just grab a beer, chug it, put his VR headset back on and skip work.

This was a fun shoot and outside of my type of style of music video production due to it being random, it went smoothly. I also learned how to changed the setting to go from day to night and a whole lot of other things too. We still have more one more day to shoot, but I won’t reveal what that is. At the end of the day, it was a great shoot and can't wait to finish this hilarious music video.