Photo shoot with Lucas Weltz


The location we choose to do the photo shoot was at the major stokes, which is a nice little place where people go to have a calm fine and listen to music. As I walked in I was thought it was quite small until they took me into the lounge. Which then open my eyes to a gold mine to do photos. It had a an old piano, a juice box, leather chairs, records, it was just a classic vintage looking place.



I had to move some furniture around for me to get the right angles of course but other then that this place was an amazing place to do a photoshoot. 



Before we did our photoshoot me and Lucas has a little chat to discuss what's been going on lately. He has a lot going on people he's a trainer at Seton Hill, but he's also a comedian and a musician. A lot has happened in the year and now it's too the point where he can be stable doing this. Even if he didn't make a descent income with music and comedy, to Lucas he wouldn't trade doing what he does for the world. It took a lot of town and error, but he's living his dream. Also he has a lovely woman and family to back him up on his journey which is a huge plus. 



In life we all need a someone to push us to mage us believe ourselves. Course we may say we did it on our own, but 9 times out of 10 their always at least one person that has helped us.



As you can see through the photo shoot though, me and Lucas had an amazing time doing this.  


Anyone who wants to listen to stone great artist like Lucas Weltz or want to go to a calm place to have a chill time Cinematography give the Major Stokes a try!