Concert photography with Fatal Heaven


Thanks for a friend of mine name Craig Ferry I was given the opportunity to go with him to shoot for a band called Fatal Heaven. Me and Craig arrived early to talk with the band where I met the guitarist named Logan where he told me his story. Logan grew up learning the guitar and I will say everyone this guy is only 15, but he plays like he's a legend no joke. Logan then introduced me to the rest of the band where actually his mother is the lead singer. 



I saw them all practice before the show started I was able to hear them play Don't Stop Believing by journey. I was blown away by how mother could hit those certain ranges. They all were so good then Logan was showing off his wireless guitar because he was telling me about how he was excited to use the new wireless amps. When I saw that though I will admit I almost jumped in the air with excitement because it was pretty cool.


As the show started they then welcomed Everytime and thanking everyone for gathering for them coming to the benefit concert for a young woman who had a condition which I will not say, but she's in full recovery though which was a miracle. She even got a chance to sing with the band to which warmed my heart.



Honestly though that was the day where I first got tendinitis in my wrist, so had to take photos with one hand. It became and advantage because I used my sprain to stabilize my camera which is why you see a lot of tilt in my photos. 



They also had dancers to dance for them whole they did their rock songs which I totally didn't see that coming! It's was unique though because never seen a band do that before. Then at the end the drummer did a huge drum solo which I was so amazed I even put my camera down that's how good he was!



This was a great experience to shoot the band with Craig Ferry and I hope to hear them and see Fatal Heaven again sometime.