Photo shoot with Adrienne at Linn Runn


It was a nice day in Ligonier until…. the traffic piled up, but not to worry I arrived just in time with two energy drinks and set to go! Believe it or not though after the big hike the energy drink didn’t effect me much in the beginning. As soon as we came to this cliff you see right here Adrienne was set to go and dramatically started to pose which was awesome. I gave some guidance, but I believe in less guidance reason why is because it seems more natural to capture a person in their personal state rather then just creating an ideal type of image. I like this photo here because it reflected her personality which to me defines fearless.


Adrienne was a special type of model, the reason why I say this is because she also understand photography as well and came across many locations and we pretty much collaborated together in our styles. She also didn’t m ind getting dirty on the ground or climbing which i thought was refreshing aka she was a trooper. I love this image the most because of the sun capturing her eye in the right moment and how the ground harmonized beautifully with her hair.


Adrienne also loved this specific location because of their being a lot of trees, for all that don;t know Adrienne if theirs one thing you need to know she loves and I mean loves nature. This image I love in this set because of of the sun coming out the leaves and the drama upon her face signifying independence. I tried my best to create powerful images with all the photos I believe it is because the more she kept telling me about herself the more I started to reflect it in the photos. Which is why I like to give less guidance because I believe in capturing a model’s natural state.


I love how the portraits turned out and can’t wait for the spring to come so that the cold won’t be in the way. Even though it wasn’t to cold in this shoot, but just saying I just love how the sun enhances the photos.