Photo shoot with Aubrey Burchell at the Friendship Perk and Brew

For starters find a parking space was like trying to find a needle in the hay stack. Pretty lame and funny way way to start a blog right, well hopefully it made you chuckle a bit. As I walked up I ran into Russel funny thing is he replied that their was a bunch of open parking, but then a he turned the spots were filled. Okay enough with the parking this time let’s get to the nitty gritty. As I walked in The Friendship Perk and Grill the place was packed I mean almost back to back. It was an open mic night hosted by Elias Khouri. Which I have to say I loved how he helped the kids out who didn’t have a guitar or know how to play. He would play for them and even sing with them if they felt scared. That’s not really common for an artist to do that and for someone so young to be that close to the audience its quite heart warming to see.

As I turned their the Burchell’s were in there little corner with he little space they could have., like I said it was back to back. The set list was by call and I just about lost it when one of the girls did some Bruno Mars songs. Then the time came where they wanted to save Aubrey for last. As you can see with this picture you may see a funny face, but one thing I noticed about her is that believe it or not she a bit shy God Bless her, but she easy to talk to as well not the point though. The reason for this funny face is what I love the most about her performance which is she likes to interact with the audience to make not only just her singing, but entertainment as well. She quite humorous when she’s on stage with her father who is Russel Burchell.


She sang two country songs and one cover song which is available to buy now actually which is called Little White Room which you all should download by the way available everywhere. Which I kind of had a bit of trouble not moving to her voice because the way she sang the songs almost made it sound like gospel. Even though country tones are’t that far away from gospel tones vocally since both tones share the twang type of vocal style.


After she was done the whole crowd just lost it, sadly she was sick that day, but as always she always finds a way to keep going which I admire about her effort. This young woman does what a lot of the youth forget about which is to build and never give up on a passion. Often times when your young you give up on things, but then theirs the special people who never give up on their passion. She s a very passionate about what she does as you can see her joy in the photos of her performing, and also very humble which makes me respect her.

After the performance we then drove down to Pro mantis and had a sit down to discuss big plans that me and Aubrey Burchell are teaming up on which I will not say just yet :).

As we sat down the family then open up to me about their past, how the mother and father got together, and then Aubrey telling me about her past. As I said before shes actually a very quiet person, till you get her to talk then she goes into deeper things. Which then as I was listening to her speak It made me understand her writing even more because of a lot that she’s been through, which she’s actually a great story writer may I add. She very giving and loves to give a lot even if she receives nothing in return which is the real her the Singer is just the title, but the real her is actually a very down to earth person. The Father Russell Burchell is I just have to say he’s a very hilarious guy I just couldn’t stop laughing over the things he said and hows he loves Stephen King which I myself do too and still have to see the Sixth sense. The mother Heather Burchell is quite the same as well as Russell which kind of explains why they click so well.

The Burchell’s is a loving ad hilarious and when I mean i mean have you onthe floor rolling hilarious. The family is awesome especially the talented two daughters who are Brenna and Cayla Burchell. I also love how the parents work with everything they have to make their daughters dreams come true. It was a success on what we pitched together and can’t wait to start on our project were building!! This is going to be a fun event were making, but stay tune to find out what it is.