What's Been Going On?


This photo is so intense totally just realized it, but hey whats up everyone it’s been awhile I know since my last blog woah July wayyyy of my game. Today’s blog is going to be a game of catch up of what’s been going on :). This photo you see here is a photo of my first day of going full time as a film maker and photographer. August 1st to be exact where I shot Royal Honey at the Jergels.

Was it scary quitting my day job? Of course it was, but I had to leave because one I couldn’t take being held back anymore, two clients were coming in, and three I just hated the job. I hated the JOB which is something we get mixed up in very easily. We forget that jobs are meant to be temporary, but what’s meant to be for a longer time period is a career. Which now I ‘m finally pursuing after all the years of hard work.

So whats been going on these past 2 months? Well let me show you :)

I’ve shot 3 short films which are Pick Up, Nature, and Home?

pick up OFFICAL POST.jpg
Nature youtube thumbnail.jpg

Shot 2 music videos one with The High Level called blackout and one tomorrow actually with Rkham called Rapsheet which I’ll explain in a bit. I also have another scheduled for October 25-26th

COVER ART_1.2.2.jpg

Shot 5 recap videos for a 724 Comp Album Release Party, Skarlett Sky, Working Breed, Identity X, & Fubar. Currently I am working on another one I shot two days ago for Dominique Murray’s event called Splatter Me Crazy, which was an awesome experience !!!


I also got to shoot for a indie Survivor Show in Pittsburgh which was pretty intense may I add, but unfortunately I’m unable (not aloud) to show any images of the show.

A lot of major opportunities have been coming up lately and so much more are to come especially tomorrow. I’ll be shooting a hip hop video called Rapsheet by a hip hop artist from Illinois. The song is about how typical rapers are given more respect then lyricist. In a way he’s right because I see this numerous times where artist who barely try make it and those who do try don’t. Am I against them no, but it’s something I have noticed. We plan on shooting in an abandoned gym which you may think why, but you’d be surprised on how much you can do with abandoned areas.

I’m so honored on be given these opportunities and more to come too :) 2018 was the search, 2019 was the discovery, and 2020 will be the REAL DEAL!!!!

Stay tune for more updates and yes I’ll be keeping up to date this time :3