Things may happen, but you get back up.


It all started with me waking up in the morning getting excited for smithery video opportunity. The situation was my wrist was damaged from being over used. I was kind of disappointed because of all the days it had to happen today. Thankfully I was able to find a wrist sprain since this want my first rodeo breaking it messing up my hands. I then packed my car up for the music video shoot and grabbed some food for my musicians because food and hydration is important.



Once we all arrived at the location we had to set up for the day walking up three floors with instruments and props for the video. Everyone was exhausted of course, thankfully we had a couple of hands to help us set up. I then dropped the healthy donuts on the desk and yelled," their it is!!!!" It was quite funny how quick everyone went for the food. It was nice of them to offer money for me getting the snacks, but I declined because hey everyone needs to eat right???  



After we were done setting up it was time to get down to business and start directing the music video. We only had a limited time to shoot to compete with the sun through the windows. I was quite impressed by their determination and their desire to want to be on point with the music playing behind camera. I have to say though it was a bit difficult shooting with once hand and barely able to use the other hand. The footage came out phenomenal though. 



Things were going really good and we were about to be finished until unfortunately their was a hiccup which made us have to choose a different location. It was no one's fault it's just things happen. As we packed up I could tell the lead singer Andrew Swauger was deeply disappointed. He kept apologising and thought he was water my time. I was trying to tell him that things just happen were all young and learning. I never let the age range away the quality that's the first thing. Maybe this was meant to happen and the next location will be way better. I still plan on using the footage I caught though because it was too good to just let go.



We then meet up at Tracy Miller's studio to discuss a plan B and decided on a new location. I'm proud to see how much they really want this though. This group shows that they want this and not let this hiccup bring them down to hard. As they say though everything happens for a reason, can't edit to shoot more footage with the band!

Behind the scenes of remaking a track


With great audio comes great responsibility oops I mean a great video!! Couldn’t resist using a pun, but that not what this blog is about. 3 of Infinity decided to take one of their greatest songs on their album and re-record it in order for their music video to be taken to the next level. Now where did they go to re-record this awesome song? They chose to go with Daniel Blake Production which is one of the best places in town to record plus if you want to have a chill time and have fun recording he’s they guy to go to. As I arrived they were so amazed by the studio being in a little school house. As I was balancing my DSLR on my gimbal I saw them all jamming out ready to go, which I have to say it was totally epic!



They started with recording Andrews guitar play which blew me away so much part of the time I almost forgot to look at the camera screen. In between though you would hear Rylan play the piano playing Beethoven which I didn’t even know he could do that. As I get to know these guys im starting to know more and more that these guys don’t just love what they do they just have fun with it. Which is beautiful because the more you have fun the better the sound comes out. 


Daniel Blake offered me a headset I order for me to hear the sound clearly while I video them. The situation was when I did I had a habit of almost tripping on the headphones, which was a hazard so I ended up taking them off to save the trouble. Of course the drumming blew my ears out, but it was a risk I was willing to take. Rylan by the way if your reading this your an wheezing drummer. Just to let everyone know Rylan is the energetic one that keeps the band on their toes. He may be a bit animated, but he also hours up the band.


We then went to Eli where Daniel recorded his bass, which made want to get down and get funky. Sadly I couldn't because will I was on the videoing him, I mean can you imagine the camera shaking if you do then that's probably me moving to the beat! Rylan is more of the chill band member that keeps the band mellow when ever they get to hyped up.

Lastly we went to Andrew recording his vocals for the song which before I discuss what happen I have something to say about him. Andrew Swauger may be 19, but he takes his music very seriously. He's the lead singer but also the rock that keeps the band in line which is quite rare for done musicians at a very young age. He knew exactly what he wanted and how the song should sound like before recording. The entire take only took a few moments because each recording was dead on.


This band may be a young group, but they know how to with together and they've only been playing together for a year. Yeah that small amount of time and they already skiing like they've been playing for years. It was so awesome videoing this group and hilarious too. We plan on shooting the video on February 9th in the morning which in so ready to video.

Stay tune

Location Found for 3 of Infinity

Me a 3 of Infinity at location for future Music Video coming soon! 


It all started with finding a parking space, which at first I thought it was pretty sketchy when I made a turn into a little alley. I thought to myself, "how is this little area a a place to park cars?" Until I drove further and BOOM their it was a whole lot for the public to park for Mr Toads. I then contacted Andrew Swauger the lead singer of the band where I parked. Unfortunately he didn't know where I was, which I was understanding because that little alley is so easy to miss. I then walked out the alley to meet him where out of nowhere I heard a loud beep. In my mind I thought, "what did I do I'm just walking here. "Till I saw Andrew waving at me in his car, "their he is," I responded and then walked to him saying, "this is it Andrew this is Mr. Toads." He also brought his girlfriend with him who is always there to support him.


As we walked in we then saw a woman named Natalie who I talked to on the phone the other day about bringing a band here to scout for locations for a music video. She automatically knew who I was once I walked in since I told her I'll be over around noon to bring the band 3 of Infinity. She then took us up the steps and their we saw what use to be a bank just sitting there waiting to be used. Once we saw it we knew it had potential, even though it was abandoned and filled with dust we knew we could make this work. Andrew then immediately called his band members (Eli Wetzel and Rylan Stiffker) telling them to come quick because what we had was floors upon floors of possibilities. We were quite amazed by their still being electric and heat as well. Which is exactly what they wanted for the type of props we plan on using for the video. Seeing them being excited explorohd each room touched my heart seeing the joy of such young talent and feeling like someone gave them a chance for them to show their true potential. I finally saw their potential once I saw them harmonizing walking down the steps which blew me away may I add.


Once the scouting ended they knew immediately as they stared out the window that this location was exactly what they wanted and I helped them make it happen. Once we walked out Andrew then responded to me and asking me what a storyboard was. This made me feel excited to see that a band member is curious to understand more about how music videos work. He then responded, "I'm not sure if we told you this enough, but we really appreciate all that you doing for us and this really means a lot." I then responded to him no problem and for him and his partner to have a great day. As I walked in the car and started I drove off smiling because that's what made me realize why I love what I am creating. People often seem to realize how much appreciation can really change a person's life, which right their was proof that it can makes a person's day.


I would show what we saw today, but I want to save it for when the shoot actually happens. Updates about the video for 3 of Infinity will be up frequently and well be meeting again this Thursday to story board for the video.